Swedish-Russian War, 1479-1482

The construction of Nyslott, also called Olofsborg, by Erik Axelsson Tott, Swedish commander of Viborg fortress, in 1475, on territory disputed between Sweden and the Republic of Novgorod, had caused a brief war in 1475-1476. In 1478, the Republic of Novgorod was annexed by the Grand Duchy of Muscovy.
In 1479 a Russian force invaded and raided the territory around Nyslott. In 1480, Erik Axelsson Tott retaliated by raiding deep into Russian territory, a raid which according to later written chronicles was exceptionally brutal. In 1481, Erik Axelsson Tott died; he was succeeded as lord over Viborg Castle by his brother Lars; the latter continued the border raids. On January 17th 1482 a truce was signed, extended in 1487 and 1493. With the exception of a Russian raid against Kemi in 1490, the years after 1482 were peaceful.

Chronology of Sweden 1400-1499, posted by Ken Polsson
Totts andra ryska krig 1479-1482 (E. Axelsson Tott's second Russian War, 1479-1482), from Svenskt Militärhistoriskt Bibliotek, in Swedish
Olofsborg, from Museiverket, in Swedish
Erik Axelsson Tott, from susning.nu

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First posted on April 9th 2004, last revised on November 17th 2004

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