Holland : Cheesebread Rebellion 1491-1492 in Kennemerland

In 1422/1433, Duke Philip the Good of Burgundy acquired the County of Holland. It formed part of the Burgundian inheritance ruled by his daughter Mary (1477-1482) and then by her husband, Maximilian future Emperor, who acted as regent for his son Philip, future King of Castile. In 1486, Maximilian was elected Roman King.
Peasants in 1491, impoverished because of the Hoek and Kabeljauw Feuds, took up arms in the 't Casenbroot' (Cheesebread) Rebellion. Troops commanded by Duke Albrecht of Saxony defeated the rebels near Heemskerk; the rebellion was supprressed.

Genealogie Casembroot (Duynmeyer), in Dutch

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First posted on April 2nd 2004, last revised on November 17th 2004

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