Swiss-Habsburg War, 1468

Duke Sigismund of Habsburg, Lord over the Sundgau, the Breisgau and other areas on the Upper Rhine, attempted to force the immediate city of Mülhausen (located in the Alsace; in French : Mulhouse) into submission. The city appealed to the Swiss Federation, which dispatched an army of 13,000 men. They invaded the Hegau and took the city of Waldshut.
Duke Sigismund ended the war by promising to pay the Swiss 10,000 Florins and to leave the city of Mülhausen unmolested. As he did not have such a sum readily available, he pawned stretches of territory to the Swiss. Then he pawned his remaining lands to Duke Charles the Bold of Burgundy, for a sum of 50,000 Florin. The Swiss thus got paid, but had not made any territorial gain.

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