Anglo-Scottish War, 1513

A.) Prehistory

Scotland traditionally was allied to France (the AULD ALLIANCE). When Henry VIII. in 1513 declared war on France, King James IV. of Scotland declared war on England. The English invasion of France again was part of the War of the Holy League.

B.) The War

Early in the war, the Scots gained some ground. In the Battle of Flodden, Sept. 9th 1513, the Scottish army suffered her worst defeat in history. Among the slain was King James IV. News of the disaster at Flodden reached the capital; fearing an English attack, the city quickly had a defensive structure, Flodden Wall, erected.

C.) The Legacy

When James IV. fell in battle, his son was just a year old. His mother, Margaret Tudor (sister of Henry VIII.) ruled as regent. For Scottish foreign policy this meant a major turn, for Scotland was to lean on England for the next decades; the centuries old Auld Alliance to France was questioned.

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