War of the League of Cambrai, 1508-1509

A.) Causes for the War

The Republic of Venice had expansive ambitions, eyed at the acquisition of cities of the Romagna and the Marches, theoretically belonging to the Papal State. Cardinal Guiliano della Rovere, elected Pope Julius II. with the support of the Republic of Venice, attempted to counteract these ambitions by founding the League of Cambrai, together with the King of France (Dec. 1508), which was joined by Spain, the Emperor, Hungary, Savoy, Mantua and Ferrara.

B.) The War

The Venetian mercenary army was crushed by the French in the Battle of Agnadello, May 1609. Imperial forces proceeded yo occupy Venice's mainland possessions. With a newly recruited force, Venice retook Padua (1509).
Venice signed a separate peace with Pope Julius II., giving up her claim on the cities in the Romagna and the Marches.

C.) The Legacy

For Venice, the war did not end in 1509; it continued until 1516. The League of Cambrai, however, fell apart, the Holy League formed in 1511 with the object of expelling the French from Italy.
In 1516, a peace treaty was signed which left Venice with her prewar mainland possessions. Venice from them on concentrated her ambitions on her seaborne Empire. Swiss mercenary forces became a dominant factor in Italian warfare. (Austrian) Tyrol acquired a few areas on the Venetian border (Cortina d'Ampezzo, Rovereto, Ala, Avio, Mori, Brentonico, Riva) in the Treaty of Brussels 1516.

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