Carafa War, 1556-1557

A.) Causes for the War

In 1555, Gian Pietro Carafa, since 1549 Archbishop of Naples, was elected pope and took on the name Paul IV. (1555-1559). He opposed the Religious Peace of Augsburg 1555 and, on the abdication of Emperor Charles V. in 1556, saw the opportunity to liberate his native Naples from Spanish Habsburg rule. As Valois France and Habsburg Spain were at war since 1551 (Franco-Spanish War 1551-1559), Paul IV. allied himself with French King Henri II., who sent troops to aid in the campaign.

B.) The War

The Spanish, commanded by the Duke of Alva, Viceroy of Naples, were victorious; the French forces withdrew, the Papal State was occupied by the Spanish, and Pope Paul IV. had to accept the conditions of the Peace of Cave-Palestrina 1557.

C.) The Legacy

France in the Peace of Cateau-Cambresis accepted Spanish Habsburg rule in Naples.

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