Franco-Savoyard War, 1590-1593

With France being engulfed in civil war as well as in war with Spain, Duke Emanuel Philibert of Savoy-Piemont saw an opportunity to acquire the Dauphine, Provence and the Lyonnais. Savoyard troops entered the Provence (June 1590) where they sided with the Leaguist forces against royalist and Huguenot forces. Duke Emmanuel Philibert visited Aix-en-Provence where the Estates recognized him as the governor of Provence in the name of the King.
Yet he was only partially in control, and Huguenot commander Lesdiguieres, after the fall of Grenoble, had become a formidable opponent. Duke Emmanuel Philibert appealed to his father-in-law, King Philip II. of Spain, but Spain privided only a minor naval expedition. In 1591 the position of the Savoyards in the Provence became untenable; in April they were defeated by Lesdiguieres at Esparron, and they withdrew.
Late in 1592, Lesdiguieres crossed the Alps into the County of Saluzzo, persuaded the Piemontese Valdesi to support him. The fortress of Exilles was taken in May 1593; then the Truce of Suresnes was signed.

Another Franco-Savoyard War would follow in 1600-1601.

Interference and War in Provence, from E. Armstrong, Tuscany and Savoy, posted by MATEO
François de Bonne Lesdiguieres, from EB 1911

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