Portuguese Capture of Hormuz, 1515

The ruler of Hormuz (Ormuz) also controlled a number of other ports along the shores of the Persian/Arabian Gulf, among them Bahrain, Qalhat and Muscat. A first Portuguese attempt to take Hormuz - the city controlled the Straits of Hormuz - by Afonso de Albuquerque in 1507 initially was successful. Then, the King of Hormuz was able to stir up dispute among the Portuguese, and de Albuquerque had to withdraw.
In March 1515, Alfonso de Albuquerque returned with a fleet of 27 vessels, with 1,500 Portuguese and 700 Malabarese soldiers. Hormuz was taken and a Portuguese fort established. The King of Hormuz, Turan Shah, had to swear allegiance to the King of Portugal (April 1st 1515). The Portuguese held on to Hormuz for over a century; they were expelled May 3rd 1622.

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Chapter : The Portuguese, from Bahrain through the Ages
Ormuz - 27 de Setembro de 1507, from Batalhas e Combates de Marinha Portuguesa, in Portuguese
DOCUMENTS List of Portuguese Captains Major of Hormuz, from World Statesmen

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