The Second Huguenot War, 1567-1568

In the years since the PEACE OF AMBOISE (1563), the CARDINAL OF LORRAINE, a relative of the deceased Duke Francis de Guise (d.1563), had gained in influence; a hardliner, he argued for the resumed suppression of the Huguenots. When the mother of King CHARLES IX., CATHERINE DE MEDICI, on a tour through the French provinces, in 1567, at Bayonne, met the COUNT OF ALVA, who soon afterward would, as governor of the Netherlands, impose a harsh rule and ruthlessly persecute protestants, among France's Huguenots rumours went around that Alva and Catherine had agreed on a resumed persecution of the French Huguenots.
In the COUP OF MEAUX (1567) a group of Huguenot nobles attempted to take the king and his entourage hostage, in order to remove him from the influence of the Cardinal of Lorraine. The coup failed; it marks the beginning of the SECOND HUGUENOT WAR. In October the Huguenots took Paris; on November 10th 1567 they were defeated by the DUKE OF MONTMORENCY, who died of his wounds two days later. The Huguenots had to withdraw from Paris. In February-March 1568 the Catholic forces laid siege to Chartres. On March 23rd 1568 the PEACE OF LONGJUMEAU ended the war, largely on the line of the Peace of Amboise.

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