The Sixth Huguenot War, 1577

The French Estates General met in Dec. 1576 - March 1577. Only a few Huguenots attended; the radical Catholics held the majority. They opted for one confession only to be permitted in France, but refused additional taxes demanded by King Henri III. in order to finance the war.
The CATHOLIC LEAGUE was founded by the radical Catholics. A royal army commanded by the Duke of Anjou attacked Huguenot cities along the Loire and took LA CHARITE on May 2nd 1577, ISSOIRE on June 12th 1577. The war was ended in the PEACE OF BERGERAC (September 14th 1577). The Huguenots were again granted freedom of confession in their strongholds (EDICT OF POITIERS, Sept. 17th); the Catholic League was dissolved.

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