Inner Austrian Peasants War, 1515

A.) Prehistory

The Duchies of Styria, Carinthia and Carniola, ruled by the Habsburg Dynasty, were referred to as Inner Austria.

B.) The Revolt

In April 1515 the peasants of the Barony of Gottschee revolted - against increased taxation, caused vy ceaseless wars against Venice. By fall 1515, the revolt had spread across Carniola, into Carinthia and Lower Styria. It is referred to in German as the "Windischer Bauernkrieg" (the Slavic or Slovene Peasants' War). The Estates of Styria raised a force of 100 cavalry and 400 infantry, which suppressed the revolt by early 1516.

Zeittafel der Gottscheer Volksgruppe, from, in German
REFERENCE Walter Kleindel, Österreich, Daten zur Geschichte und Kultur, Wien : Ueberreuter 1978

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