The Siege of Minden 1553

A.) Prehistory

Warlike Duke Heinrich IX. (the Younger) of Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel (Braunschweig in English often spelled Brunswick), expelled from his Duchy in 1542 by the Schmalkaldic League because of his belligerent attitude and his stubborn adherence to Catholicism, and reinstated as duke after the Schmalkaldic War in 1547, desired to have his son elected Princebishop of Minden. With that in mind he conduced reigning Bishop Franz von Waldeck, also Bishop of Münster, to resign as Bishop of Minden (April 23rd 1553).

B.) The Siege

In order to pressurize the Minden Cathedral Chapter into electing his son, Duke Heinrich lead an army into the Princebishopric (April 29th or 30th), occupied the residence of Petershagen, and laid siege to the city of Minden (May 1st). The city, however, held out; Duke Heinrich's son was not elected. Duke Heinrich had to withdraw with his forces.

C.) The Legacy

Duke Heinrich died in 1557.

Stadt Minden 1553, by Monika M. Schulte, in German
DOCUMENTS Dukes of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, from Something of Interest : Sovereigns in Europe

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