Morocco, Expulsion of the Portuguese from Safi, Agadir, Azemmour, 1541-1542

The Portuguese had established strongholds on the western coast of Morocco - they founded Agadir (1503), and Mazagan (1506/1514) and conquered Safi (1508), Azemmour (1502/1513). Safi was the administrative center, seat of a diocesis.
In 1522 the Saadian (Sa'did) Dynasty was established as rulers over Marrakech, as vassalls of the Wattasid Sultans of Fez. In 1541 Saadian Muhammad II. al-Shaykh ousted the Portuguese from Agadir; the Portuguese abandoned Safi that year. In 1542 Azemmour fell to the Saadians.
Mazagan was held by the Portuguese until 1769.

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