First War of Musso, Graubünden (Grisons) against the Medeghin, 1531-1532

The First War of Musso 1525-1526 had failed to result in a lasting peace. In 1531, Gian Giacomo Medici, called the Medeghin, from his castle stronghold of Musso again invaded Graubünden subject territory and occupied Morbegno. A Graubünden militia commanded by Johann Travers was defeated and only could prevent the Medeghin from further moving into Graubünden territory. When troops from Switzerland's protestant Cantons arrived to reinforce the Graubünders, the Medeghin was expelled.
Meanwhile, the nominal lord of the Medeghin, the Duke of Milan, in an effort to remove the troublemaker (the Duke depended on mercenaries from Graubünden) bought out the Medeghin and had the fortress of Musso razed to the ground. In a formal treaty, Milan recognized Valtellino, Bormio and Chiavenna as Graubünden territory, but retained the three Pleves.

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