Osnabrück 1591

A feud between a nobleman from the Stift Osnabrück on one side and city, burghers and Princebishop of Osnabrück on the other side, the so-called Grothausfehde, had begun in 1557 (in violation of the Imperial peace of 1495 which expressly outlawed such feuds).
The Dutch-Spanish War (Dutch Revolt, since 1579) was not limited to the Netherlands; both Dutch and Spanish troops, in order to supply themselves with food etc., occasionally invaded, coming from the County of Lingen (contested between both sides), the territory of Osnabrück.
In 1585-1591, Bernhard II. von Waldeck was Princebishop, followed by Philipp Sigismund von Braunschweig-Lüneburg (1591-1623). In 1591, Spanish troops occupying the adjacent County of Lingen invaded Osnabrück territory, seemingly to take side against bishop and city in the feud; near Bramsche, the Spanish cavalry massacred c. 300 Osnabrück peasants who had armed themselves to stand up against suppression by the Spanish soldateska.

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