Piemontese Conquest of Saluzzo, 1588

The County of Saluzzo, located on the Italian side of the Alps facing the Dauphine and Provence, since 1548 was held by the French. In 1588 Saluzzo in a short campaign was occupied by troops from Savoy-Piemont. King Henri III. opposed the Piemontese acquisition of Saluzzo, but France was at that time engaged in the War of the Three Henries, and unable to act. Duke Emmanuel Philibert of Savoy=Piemont had succeeded.
In 1600-1601, France and Savoy would fight a war, which at times is referred to as the War of Saluzzo; while Savoy-Piemont lost the war, it held on to Saluzzo.

Acquisition of Saluzzo, from E. Armstrong, Tuscany and Savoy, posted by MATEO
Article Saluzzo, from Catholic Encyclopedia

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