Russian-Livonian War 1501-1502

In 1501, in a preventive campaign, Livonian Land Master Walter von Plettenberg, with a force of 4,000 knights and 2,000 Landsknechts, defeated a Russian force of 40,000 mem on the River Serica. On September 14th 1502, Walter von Plettenberg defeated another Russian force in the Battle of Lake Smolina. The Livonians numbered 7,000 knights and 5,000 landsknechts; the number of the invading forces, given at 130,000 (Holterhoff), seems exaggerated. An attempt by Walter von Plettenberg to take the Muscovite city of Pskov (in German : Pleskau) failed (1502).
Livonia was allied with Lithuania; see Russo-Lithuanian War 1500-1503.

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