War over the Princebishopric of Strassburg, 1592-1593

At Strassburg (in French : Strasbourg), several canons had also been canons in Cologne during the Cologne Stift Feud, in which they supported Archbishop Gebhard von Truchsess - who also held a deanery in Strassburg. They thus formed a protestant faction.
When in 1592 a new bishop had to be elected in Strassburg, the Catholic faction elected Charles of Lorraine, Bishop of Metz and already cardinal; the protestant faction elected Johann Georg von Brandenburg. Cardinal Charles of Lorraine brought in an armed force; a Huguenot force financed by the Dutch opposed him. In 1593 both sides agreed upon a truce; both sides held on to the territories they controlled; the decision over the rightful occupant of the see was left to an Imperial Commission.
In 1598 the Emperor proclaimed the decision in favour of Charles de Lorraine.

Episcopal schism in Strassburg. Catholic reaction. Archduke Leopold invested with the see, from A.W. Ward, The Empire under Rudolf II., posted by MATEO

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