Wallis / Valais 1510-1520

Traditionally, the dominant authority in the Wallis / Valais was the Bishop of Sitten / Sion (as the canton is bilingual German and French, both spellings are given). Matthäus Schiner, one of the most prominent men the canton has ever produced, was a supporter of Emperor Charles V.; he was instrumental in organizing Swiss mercenary regiments which fought on the side of the Emperor and Duke Lodovico il Moro of Milan against France. However, in Wallis / Valais, an opposition formed under Jörg uf der Flüe, bynamed Supersaxo, (who already had expelled his predecessor, Bishop Jost von Silenen, in 1496); Supersaxo was pro-French. Wallis / Valais suffered from a 10 year feud between the two sides; in 1517, Cardinal Schiner left his diocesis and went into exile.
Seemingly an internal affair, the Wallis / Valais Feud was closely correlated to the War of the Holy League 1510-1516.

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