French War on Algiers, 1682-1692

Since the early 16th century, Algiers had developed as a hub of what contemporary christian sources refer to as piracy. Initially a policy of defense and retaliation to Spanish pressure (see Expedition against Algiers 1541), it developed into a lucrative business; Algerian pirates (in contemporary sources, together with other North African pirates, referred to as Barbary Coast pirates) harrassed christian shipping in the Mediterranean and on the Atlantic Ocean, as well as coastal settlements in christian countries, as far as Iceland. In 1669-1672, the Dutch and English shelled Algiers; much of the city burnt down in 1670.
In 1682, 1683 (Marquis Duquesne) and 1688 French fleets shelled Algiers again; in 1683 much of the city burnt down again. In 1687/1688, Algiers was prepared for another assault and the French found it much more dofficult to approach the city; the shelling turned out to be less effective.

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