Sweden's War on Bremen 1666

Swedish War on Bremen, 1653-1654

The Treaty of Westphalia had allocated the former Princebishoprics of Bremen and Verden, as duchies, to Sweden. The first Swedish governor was Hans Christoph von Königsmarck. He interpreted the city of Bremen as being included in the Duchy of Bremen allocated to Sweden by the Treaty of Westphalia; the city council thought otherwise, insisting on her immediate status, long practised, but confirmed only in 1646 (Linz Privilege). In 1653 Swedish forces occupied the villages on Bremen territory; in September 1654 truce was agrred upon, on Nov. 28th 1654 the Treaty of Stade sealed peace; the city of Bremen made territorial concessions, promised to respect the Swedish King, to follow Swedish foreign policy and to promote Bremen's trade.
In 1666 Sweden's Second War on Bremen was fought.

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DOCUMENTS List of Swedish Governors of Bremen/Verden, by Bernd Wedekind, a German language website

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