War between Münster and the Dutch Republic, 1665-1666

Princebishop Christoph Bernhard von Galen (1650-1678), after the Dutch supporting the city of Münster against him 1657-1661 and after supporting the Prince of East Frisia in a border conflict with the Princebishopric of Münster 1663-1664, felt that he had to get even with the Dutch Republic. When the latter found herself at war with England (Second Anglo-Dutch War, 1665-1666), Münster declared war (Sept. 14th 1665).
An excuse was provided by Borculo, a Münsteran fief located within the Dutch province of Overijssel. After the line of previous holders had become extinct, the fief was contested between Princebishop Christoph Bernard and the Count of Limburg-Styrum. The Emperor decided in favour of the former, the Dutch government in favour of the latter.
In June 1665, Münster signed a Treaty of Alliance with England; England promised to pay subsidies; Münster took upon her to raise a force of 20,000 infantry and 10,000 cavalry and to invade the Dutch Republic. On September 23rd, Münsteran troops invaded, occupied the cities of Borculo, Lochum, Diepenheim, Enschede, Oldenzaal, Ootmarsum and Almelo; in the Dutch province of Groningen, Westerwolde, Wedde and Winschoten were occupied, the Dutch fortress of Bourtange besieged. Here, Dutch troops threatened to cut of the Münsteran troops stationed in Groningen, separated from the Princebishopric by the vast Bourtanger Moor.
Peace was concluded in Kleve on April 18th 1666; Münsteran troops evacuated the occupied Dutch city; the fief of Borculo became Dutch.

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