First Genoese-Savoyard War, 1625

The Marquisat of Zuccarello was an object both Duke Charles Emmanuel I. of Savoy and the Republic of Genova desired to acquire; in 1622, Emperor Ferdinand II. sold it to the Republic of Genova for 220,000 Florins. The Republic of Genova being a staunch Spanish ally, vital to the Spanish supply lines, Duke Charles Emmanuel concluded a treaty with France. The Dutch and English fleets were to interrupt communication between Spain and Genova; the Duke de Guise, Governor of the Provence, was to invade the western regions of the Republic of Genova.
In 1625, Duke Charles Emmanuel I. of Savoy-Piemont invaded Genoese territory. The Genoese fortress of Masone held out against a Savoyard siege. The scheme ultimately failed, because Richelieu did not desire the allies to make gains.

Genova e i Savoia, by Franco Bampi, in Italian
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DOCUMENTS Republic of Genoa Rulers, from Genealogy Euweb
Genova 1625, from Mappe di Genova ed altre mappe antiche diverse

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