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Habsburg-Ottoman War, 1663-1664

A.) Prehistory of the Conflict

In Istanbul, Grand Vezier Ahmed Küprülü had implemented reforms which had made both the administration and the military more efficient. On the Hungarian front, the policy of expansion was resumed.

B) The War

After Transylvania was defeated, the Ottoman force of 100,000 turned on Hungary, took Nove Zamky (in Germ: Neuhäusel, in Hung.: Ersekujvar), close to both Pozsony (in Ger. Pressburg, in Slovak. Bratislava, then the capital of Royal Hungary) and Vienna. First, the Ban of Croatia, Miklos Zrinyi, leading Hungarian forces, later Habsburg General Montecuccoli, commanding an Imperial force, campaigned successfully; in August 1664, the Ottoman forces were defeated at Mogersdorf and St. Gotthard. Shortly after the Peace of Vasvar (in Ger.: Eisenburg) was concluded (August 10th), which conceded territorial gains to the Ottoman Empire.

C.) Legacy

Croatian Ban Miklos Zrinyi was dissatisfied with the way Vienna had conducted the war; he thought that the Ottoman Empire had gotten away easily. However, he died shortly after in a hunting accident.
Among the magnates in Royal Hungary, dissatisfaction with Habsburg rule remained. A conspiracy of Hungarian magnates caused the Habsburgers to have their leaders executed; this caused their supporters to rebel (Kuruc Rebellion); Royal Hungary remained unruly.

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