Danish Siege of Hamburg, 1686

King Christian V. of Denmark, when discord (since 1684) momentarily seemed to paralyze the Senate of Hamburg, on August 20th 1686 marched an army of 18,000 men to Hamburg. He issued an ultimatum, demanding the city pay 400,000 Thalers and accxept a Danish garrison of 3,000 men. The burghers of Hamburg united in their efforts and withstood a siege that lasted 21 days. Brandenburgian and Lüneburgian troops were dispatched to aid Hamburg, and the Danes broke off the siege.

Bibliography, War with Hamburg 1686, by D. Schorr
Geschichte von Hamburg, from Deutsche Geschichte - das Jahrtausend, in German
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DOCUMENTS List of Burghermasters of Hamburg, 17th Century, from Freie Hansestadt Hamburg, German language website

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