Conflict between Münster and East Frisia over the border at Hampoel and the Dieler Schanze, 1663-1664

In 1663 a conflict about the border between the (Catholic) Princebishopric of Münster and the (Calvinist) Principality of East Frisia (in German : Ostfriesland) turned violent; Princebishop Christoph Bernhard von Galen had the Hampoel and the Dieler Schanze occupied and the latter fortified.
In 1664, Dutch troops, supporting Prince Georg Christian of East Frisia, took the Dieler Schanze and restored her to the Prince.

No border treaty was concluded; when Münsteran Bailiff Alexander von Velen in 1710 had a house built on the Hampoel, East Frisian troops in 1712 destroyed it. In 1717 Münsteran and East Frisian regiments faced each other, ready to strike. As late as 1796, the border dispute was still regarded unresolved.

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