Upper Austria, Peasants' Revolt in the Hausruckviertel, 1632

In the Hausruckviertel, part of Upper Austria, after 1626 communities of crypto-Lutherans continued to exist, despite of the efforts of the Counterreformation during the Bavarian administration 1620-1628, which had caused the Upper Austrian Peasants War 1625-1626.
In 1632, Lutheran migrant preacher Jakob Greimbl lead crypto-Lutheran peasant rebels; peasant captain Stefan Nimberfoll called upon the parishioners of Ottnang to join them. The peasants hoped for support by King Gustavus Adolphus, who at that time occupied Bavaria's capital of München. Several engagements were fought near Vöcklabruck; on Sept. 7th 1632 the suburb of Vöcklabruck was destroyed by the rebels. The rebels were defeated in October 1632; Jakob Greimbl was executed in February 1633.

Geschichte der Gemeinde Ottnang, from Ottnang.at
Geschichte der Stadt Vöcklabruck, from Net Lexikon, in German
Autoritet og Familie i Øvre Østerrike, by Tor Førde, in Danish

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