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Russo-Polish War, 1609-1618

A.) The Military Course of Events

In 1609 King Sigismund III. Vasa, claiming the Russian throne for himself, declared war on Russia. After a victory in the Battle of Kluskino 1610, the Poles occupied Moscow. The Russians offered the Russian crown to Sigismund's son Wladislaw (Ladislas); King Sigismund, claiming the crown for himself refused. Furthermore the Russian side insisted that the future Czar would have to convert to Orthodox Christianity and to reside in Moscow, conditions Sigismund was not willing to accept.
A Russian revolt in 1612 caused the Poles to withdraw from Moscow; the war continued as a border conflict. In 1617 the TRUCE OF DEULINO was signed, according to which Poland held on to the previously Russian cities and districts of Smolensk, Chernigov and Severia and King Sigismund, de facto, recognized the new Romanov Dynasty in Moscow, practically renouncing his claim to the Russian throne.

C.) Analysis

The Russo-Polish War of 1609-1618 has to be seen in the context of the Swedish-Polish Rivalry. Sigismund had been elected King of Poland in 1587, had succeeded to the Swedish throne in 1592, was deposed in 1600, bur never gave up his claim to the Swedish throne. Poland and Sweden were at war - a war mostly fought in Livonia - 1600-1611; from 1611 to 1617 Sweden was at war with Russia. In fact, there were factions of Russian nobles siding with Sweden and Poland respectively, in a period of Russian history generally referred to as the "Time of Troubles".

Polnisch-Russischer Krieg 1609-1618 (Russo-Polish War 1609-1618), from Kriege der Neuzeit (Wars of the Modern Era), in German
Polish Renaissance Warfare, scroll down for 1610-1619 War with Muscovy
1609-1619 War with Russia, from The Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth (1569-1795) posted by All Empires
1609-1619 War with Muscovy, from Polish Armies, illustrated; scroll down
The Time of Trouble, from Olga's Gallery

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