Princebishopric of Salzburg, Revolt of Lutheran Peasants and Miners, 1601-1602

While Princebishop Wolfgang Dietrich von Rattenau (1587-1612) supported the Counterreformation, the peasants and salt miners in the areas of Ischl, Hallstatt, Gosau and Goisern took up arms in defense of their Lutheran faith in 1601. In 1602, Hans Jakob Löbl, Freiherr v.Greinburg, Captain of Upper Austria, lead an armed force into the area and suppressed the revolt. The Counterreformation was implemented; many peasants remained crypto-Lutherans.

Über Kriege : Gegenreformation, from Stiftung Seeau, in German
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(Counterreformation in) The sees of Augsburg, Wurzburg, and Salzburg, from A.W. Ward, The Empire under Ferdinand I. and Maximilian II., posted by MATEO
DOCUMENTS List of Princebishops of Salzburg, from Regnal Chronologies; scroll down for Salzburg

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