Spanish-Venetian Ear, 1617-1618
In Italian known as the "Guerra di Ossuna" (War of Ossuna)

Pedro Giron, Duke of Ossuna, Spanish Viceroy of Naples since July 1616, attempted to break the Venetian control of the Adriatic Sea. He sent secret agents, who intrigued, causing conspirators to plot the overthrow of the Venetian government, a plot which was uncovered and prevented, and the Spanish ambassador in Venice ejected.
While these events were going on (in 1617) the Duke of Ossuna sent a Spanish fleet into the Adriatic to challenge Venetian control of the Adriatic Sea; the fleet was not defeated, but returned, leaving Venice in command of the Adriatic Sea. The war, which involved Spanish Naples rather than the Spanish Empire, ended in 1618. Spain and Venice formally concluded peace in 1621.

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