(Ming) Chinese Conquest of Taiwan, 1661-1662

In 1624 the Dutch (i.e. the V.O.C.) had established Fort Zeelandia on the island of Formosa. The Spaniards, in 1635, established a fort at Keelung (Kelang); the Dutch took it in 1642. The V.O.C. expanded the territory under their rule. Since 1656, Frederick Coyett was governor; he requested investment in Taiwan's defenses and reinforcements, without success. Just before Coxinga's fleet arrived, Governor Coyett was recalled, succeeded by Herman Klenke.
The Dutch blamed Cheng Ch'engkun (Kuo Hsing Ye, Coxinga) for having masterminded the peasants rebellion of 1652; he placed an embargo on Dutch trade with Fujian 1655-1657. In 1658-1659, many refugees from Fujian (where Qing and Ming forces fought it out) arrived on Taiwan. His position on the Chinese mainland becoming precarious, Coxinga equipped a large fleet of 300-400 junks, which in April 1661, appeared of Fort Provintia; the Fort surrendered in May 1661, Fort Seelandia on February 1st 1662.
An attempt of a V.O.C. fleet commanded byBalthasar Bort to retake Fort Zeelandia in 1663 failed; he retook Keelung, which the Dutch held from 1664 to 1668.

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