Tangiers 1662-1684

In 1662, King Charles II. of England married Catherine de Bragança, Princess of Portugal. As a dowry she brought her husband the Portuguese colonies of Bombay (India) and Tangiers (Morocco). In 1662 the Portuguese handed Tangiers over to English forces; throughout 1662 and into June 1663 there were numerous skirmishes, then a truce was declared.
Skirmishes continued to occur tntil the British abandoned the colony in 1684, after blowing up the mole and the fortifications.

The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment - Tangiers 1662
History of the Royal Dragoons, from
The King's Own Royal Regiment
Tanger : l'Epoque Anglaise, from tangier.free.fr, in French
DOCUMENTS Rulers of Morocco, from World Statesmen, scroll down for Tangier

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