Austria 1648-1740

Austro-Ottoman War, 1737-1739

A.) The Diplomatic Pre-History of the War

A Treaty of Alliance with Russia obliged Austria to support Russia in her quest for a port on the Black Sea. After diplomatic pressure failed, Austria declared war in 1737; the War of Polish Succession had practically ended, so Austria's forces were free to act.

B.) The Military Course of Events

Early, the fortress of Nis was taken; then a reorganized Ottoman force commanded by Ahmad Pasha (French Gen. Bonneval) took the offensive. In the Treaty of Belgrade (18. 9. 1739), Austria ceded Serbia with Belgrade, and Oltenia (Little Wallachia) to the Ottoman Empire.

C.) The Legacy

Austria quickly terminated the war, because the succession of Maria Theresia would come soon. The event had been diplomatically prepared by the Pragmatic Sanction of 1713, to which most foreign powers had signed up. Yet a War of Austrian Succession was likely to happen, and therefore the available forces had to be freed of other engagements.

Die Sieben Türkenkriege der Habsburger, from Flacker Seiten, in German
Treaty of Belgrade, from Wikipedia

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