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Austro-Ottoman War, 1788-1791

A.) The Diplomatic Pre-History of the War

As in the case of the Austro-Ottoman War 1737-1739, a Treaty of Alliance with Russia obliged Austria to come to the latter's support in her war on the Ottoman Empire.

B.) The Military Course of Events

Austria declared war in 1788, as Emperor Joseph intended to get his share when Ottoman territory was to be partitioned. However, Prussia caused trouble, stirring up rebellious mood within the Habsburg territories; an open rebellion broke out in the Austrian Netherlands (the Brabant Revolution), and Emperor Joseph's health deteriorated; he died in 1790. His successor Leopold II., concerned about events in France and Poland, concluded peace in 1791, on the basis of the status quo ante (Treaty of Sistova, 1791).

Die Sieben Türkenkriege der Habsburger, from Flacker Seiten, in German

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