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The Bavarian Rising, 1705-1706

A.) The Pre-History of the Rising

In the War of Spanish Succession (1701-1714) Bavaria was a French ally; folloeing the French defeat in the Battle of Höchstädt 1704, Bavaria was occupied by Austrian troops. The Austrian troops raised exorbitant contributions from occupied Bavaria and forced Bavarian men to join the ranks of their troops.

B.) The Military Course of Events

In the district of Burghausen, a rebellion broke out in November 1705, lead by Sebastian Plinganser and Johann Georg Meindl; their force soon swelled to 20,000. The rebels took Burghausen and Braunau on the Inn River. Negotiations (with the intention to outwit the peasants) were fruitless.
In Upper Bavaria a manifesto falsely attributed to the Duke Elector called on the peasants to rebel; 3,000 men took up arms. They marched on München on Christmas Eve; the rebel force was massacred by regular troops under General Kriechbaum, who then proceeded toward Lower Bavaria. On January 8th 1706, near Vilshofen, the rebel force was annihilated.

Die Sendlinger Bauernschlacht (the Peasants' Battle of Sendling), posted by M. Obermüller, in German
DOCUMENTS Die Geschichte Bayerns 7/12, from Phoenix Online, has an image on the 'Braunau peasants' parliament' of 1705
REFERENCE Andreas Kraus, Geschichte Bayerns von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart (History of Bavaria, from the origins to the present day), München : Beck (1983) 2nd edition 1988, in German, pp.311-313

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