East Frisia (Ostfriesland) : Appellkrieg, 1726-1727

The policy of centralization and strengthening of the power of Prince Georg Albrecht (1708-1734) was resisted by the East Frisian estates. The estates split in loyalists of the prince and in those who resisted; among the latter, the administration of the city of Emden had a leading position. They were supported by the Emperor.
On February 2nd 1726, hostilities broke out in Leer; when the prince sent 200 soldiers into Leer, again street fighting erupted. Emden troops took Pewsum. In 1727 the prince received reinforcements from Denmark. Emden troops took the Osterburg at Grimersum. After skirmishes at Hage and Norden, where princely troops were victorious, the war was terminated.

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First posted on March 19th 2004, last revised on November 19th 2004

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