The Second Anglo-Burmese War 1852

A.) The Situation Preceding the War

The EIC had a stretegic interest in closing the gap between its possessions at Arakan and Tenasserim, and, more importantly, wanted to gain access to the TEAK FORESTS of Lower Burma. At the complaint of a British merchant, the EIC sent am officer, who confiscated a ship belonging to the Burmese king; this triggered the war.

B.) The Cource of Events

EIC forces occupied the ports of Lower Burma (July 1852) and took control of the Teak Forests within the region. Peace was signed later that year; the British forces withdrew in 1853.
EIC forces suffered significant losses, mainly due to disease.

C.) Legacy

Burma had to cede Pegu (Lower Burma with the Irawaddy delta and Rangoon). The British resident virtually controlled future Burmese foreign policy.

Armed Conflict Events Data : Burma 1800-1999, from

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