Spanish-Moroccan War, 1859-1860

A.) The Cause of the War

Moroccan attacks on the Spanish eclaves of Ceuta and Melilla.

B.) The War

After several skirmishes in Nov. 1859, Spanish reinforcements arrived in December. The Spaniards (General Prim) conquered Tetuan, south of Ceuta.

First Moroccan War, by Steve Thomas, has torso of chronology
Moroccan War 1859-1860, from ACED
DOCUMENTS Convention Between Morocco and Spain extending the Limits of Melilla etc., signed at Tetuan, 24 August 1859, posted by Historical Text Archive
REFERENCE Peter Pierson, The History of Spain, Greenwood, 1999, 248 pp.; KMLA Lib.Sign. 946 P624t

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