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Romanian Wars 1800-1999, from ACED
Military History Encyclopedia on the Web, Romania Entry
Articles on Romanian Military Philately, by Dan Grecu
Modelling and Military History. Romanian Army 1941-1945, from hobby.ro, in Romanian
Military Museum of Bucharest Romania Pictures Gallery, posted by Army Recognition Pictures Databse
History of Romanian Aviation, by Outsource Romania
Printed Reference

for earlier history, see Wars of Moldavia, Wars of Wallachia, Wars of Transylvania

Wars of Romania 1852-1912

Austrian Occupation of Moldavia, Wallachia
Russo-Ottoman War, Romania allied with Russia, declared independence
Romanian Peasant Rebellion

Wars of Romania 1912-1945
for a narrative History of Romania click 1914-1918, 1918-1924, 1924-1939, 1939-1944

Second Balkan War
World War I
Romanian invasion of Hungary
World War II; Romania a reluctant Axis ally
World War II; Romania a reluctant Soviet ally

Wars in/affecting Romania since 1945
.. for a narrative History of Romania click 1944-1948, 1948-1968, 1968-1989

Second Gulf War; Romania contributed to allied forces which liberated Kuwait
Third Gulf War; Romania joined Coalition of the Willing which occupied Iraq

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