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Der Deutsche Orden, from Reisen in die Geschichte, in German
Ostpreussische Geschichte 1525-1713 (History of East Prussia, 1525-1713), from Preussen Web, in German
Printed Reference

Wars of the Teutonic Order, 1398-1525
..... go to narrative history of the Teutonic Order 1309-1409 . 1409-1525

Expedition against Pirates, Occupation of Gotland
Conquest of Schamaiten, from Lithuania
War with Denmark over Gotland
Schamaiten Rebellion
War with Poland-Lithuania (Battle of Grunwald/Tannenberg 1410)
Prussian War (Thirteen Years' War; secession of Royal Prussia)
Warmia Stift Feud
Prussian-Polish War (Rider War)

Wars of the Kingdom in Prussia, 1525-1618
..... go to narrative history of the Duchy in Prussia 1525-1618

Samland Peasant Rebellion
Siege of Magdeburg

For Wars after 1618, see Wars of Brandenburg-Prussia 1618-1871
From 1525 to 1660, the Duchy in Prussia was a Polish fief; thus see also Wars of Poland

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