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List of Austrian Wars 1800-1999, from ACED
Chronology, from League of Nations Photo Archive at Indiana Univ.
List of Wars, from Wikipedia
Austria 1919-1945, 1945-2000, from World History Encyclopedia, timeline
Orders, Decorations and Medals of Austria, from ODM
Zeittafel zur Geschichte Südtirols, rom ZIS
Printed Reference

For wars until 1918, see List of Wars of Habsburg Austria

Wars affecting Austria 1918-1938

Austrian-SHS border skirmishes
Skirmishes in Lajtabanszag / Western Hungary / the Burgenland (following plebiscite, annexed to Austria in 1921)
An attempt by the state to disarm the Socialists' militia caused a (futile) socialist rebellion (Feb.)
Coup d'Etat by Austrian Nazis
Anschluss (March 12th) : German invasion of Austria, unopposed

Wars affecting Austria (as part of Germany) 1938-1945

Occupation of the Sudetenland (ceded by Czechosklovakia)
Occupation of central Czechia
World War II

Wars of Austria, since 1945


Bomb blast by Tyrolean separatists (in Southern Tyrol, part of Italy); the separatists demand S. Tyrol to be returned to Austria, a position then also held by the A. govt.
Bomb blasts by Tyrolean separatists (in Southern Tyrol, part of Italy); the German-speaking population regarding Austria their home country

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