Wars of the Holy Roman Empire Wars of Saxony
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Bavarian Army Museum, from Military Museums Homepage; from Webmuseen - das Museumsportal
Militärarchiv Bayern (Bavarian Military Archive), introduced by Andreas Hanacek, in German
Decorations of the Kingdom of Bavaria, posted by David Dabber
The Bavarian Army in the Seven Years' War, posted by Roly Hermans
Bavarian uniforms, 1820es, from Braun/Schneider, the History of Costume; p.1, p.2, p.3, p.4
Bewaffnung der Bayerischen Armee (Arms of the Bavarian Army), from Bayerische Waffen, in German, on 18th century armament
Bavarian Army, Napoleonic Wars, from Military History Encyclopedia on the Web
The Bavarian Army in 1809, posted by McNelly
Bavarian Army of Wrede, from Napoleon Online; here same site in German
Die Festung Ingolstadt (Ingolstadt Fortress), from Stadtmuseum Ingolstadt, in German
Printed Reference

Andreas Kraus, Geschichte Bayerns von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart (History of Bavaria, from the origins to the present day), München : Beck (1983) 2nd edition 1988, in German
A Soldier for Napoleon, The Campaigns of Lieutenant Franz Joseph Hausmann, 7th Bavarian Infantry, click here for summary

1504-1700 ..... go to narrative history of Bavaria 1506-1552 . 1552-1698 . 1598-1618 . 1618-1648, 1648-1700

1504-1505 Landshut War of Succession

1519 Campaign against Württemberg conducted by Bavaria; occupation of W.

1546-1547 Schmalkaldic War Bavaria contributed financially to Imperial side, granted right of passage

1583 Cologne Stift Feud

1608 Occupation of Donauwörth

1611 Salt War with Princebishopric of Salzburg

1618-1648 Thirty Years War, Bavaria, as leader of the Holy League, Austrian ally

1683-1699 Imperial War against the Turks, Bavarian troops fought agaist Turks

1689-1697 War of the Grand Alliance, Bavaria joined Grand Alliance against France

1700-1789 ..... go to narrative history of Bavaria 1700-1745 . 1745-1777 . 1777-1799

1701-1713 War of Spanish Succession Bavaria a French ally, defeated and occupied by 1704

1705-1706 Bavarian Peasants' Rebellion against Austrian occupation

1741-1748 War of Austrian Succession Bavaria the main aggressor; defeated by 1742.

1756-1763 Seven Years War, Bavaria, as an ally of Austria, participated reluctantly in 1757-1758. In 1762 Bavaria signed an agreement of neutrality.

1778-1779 War of Bavarian Succession War fough between Austria and Prussia over Bavaria; little action

1789-1815 ..... go to narrative history of Bavaria 1777-1799, 1799-1815 .

1792-1797, First War of the Coalition. Bavaria first remained neutral, then joined the coalition in 1793, signed an agreement on Bavarian neutrality in 1795, but was battleground of French and Austrian troops 1796-1797.

1799-1801, Second War of the Coalition, Bavaria a member of the coalition; the country occupied by French and Austrian troops 1800-1801.

1802 Occupation of Mühldorf (belonging to Princebishopric of Salzburg)

1805; Third War of the Coalition, Bavaria a French ally.

1806-1807, Fourth War of the Coalition, Bavaria a French ally.

1809 Franco-Austrian War, Bavaria a French ally, Bavarian troops invaded Tyrol.

1809-1810, Tyrolean Rebellion, Bavarian troops unable to suppress rebellion; Hofer defeated by Italian forces

1812 Napoleon's Invasion of Russia, Bavaria withdrew the bulk of her forces before the invasion; the Grand Armee included Bavarians.

1813-1815, War of Liberation, Bavaria switching from a French to an Austrian alliance in 1813

1815-1870 ..... go to narrative history of Bavaria 1815-1849 . 1849-1871

1866 Austro-Prussian War Bavaria, together with Saxony, Hannover and other German states, fought alongside Austria against Prussia. Bavaria was defeated; received relatively lenient peace conditions.

1870-1871 Franco-German War Bavaria, together with Saxony, Hannover and other German states, fought alongside Prussia against France. France was defeated; Bavarian troops played a significant role.

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