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Saxon Army in the War of Polish Succession, by Vlad Gromoboy
Notes on the Saxon Army, 1700-1717, by Dan Schorr
Saxon Auxiliary Corps 1735, from NPI, by Vlad Gromoboy
Battle of Kesselsdorf, from Carlyle, History of Frederick the Great ( Projekt Gutenberg), in English
Saxon Uhlans 1730-63. on NPI, by Vlad Gromoboy
The Saxon Army 1810-1813, from Napoleon Series
The Saxon Army 1802-1815, from
Uniforms, Kingdom of Saxony, 1807-1813, from Histofig
The Saxon Army in 1812, from A to Z Antiques, scroll down
Heeresdienst in Sachsen (Military Service in Saxony), from Quellen und Lesestoffe der Dresdner Heidedörfer, in German
Radeberger Land und Sachsen in Kriegszeiten (Radeberg Area and Saxony in Times of War), from Quellen und Lesestoffe der Dresdner Heidedörfer, in German
Printed Reference

Reiner Gross, Geschichte Sachsens (History of Saxony), Berlin : Edition Leipzig 2001, 320 pp.

Reformation, 1485-1547 ..... go to narrative history of Saxony 1485-1547 . 1485-1547

1497 War of Guelders, Duke Albert of Saxony commanding Imperial troops

1498-1500 (1515) Friesland Campaign involving Albertine Saxony

1525 German Peasants War

1532 Kohlhase Feud

1546-1547 Schmalkaldic War

1547-1694 ..... go to narrative history of Saxony 1547-1618 . 1618-1648 . 1648-1694

1550-1551 Siege of Magdeburg

1552 Campaign against Augsburg and Innsbruck

1552 Imperial War against Turks

1553 Campaign against Albrecht Alkibiades von Brandenburg-Kulmbach

1563-1567 Grumbach Quarrels Duke-Elector Albert of Saxony in 1566-1567 executed the Imperial ban against John Frederick Euke of Ernestine Saxony and Wilhelm von Grumbach

1620 Campaign against Bohemia, Saxon troops permanently occupy Lausitz and temporarily parts of Silesia

1629-1648 Thirty Years War, Saxony a belligerent since 1629

1663-1664 Imperial War against Turks in Hungary with Saxon participation

1674 Imperial War against France with Saxon participation

1675-1679 Brandenburgian-Swedish War with Saxon participation

1676 Peasants' Battle of Jerisau, in Barony of Schönburg

1683-1699 Imperial War against the Turks, Saxon troops, 9000 men strong, participated in the Battle of Kahlenberg

1685-1699 Venetian-Turkish War, Saxony renting out troops to Venice (1685-1687)

1689-1697 Imperial War against France (War of the Grand Alliance)

1694-1789 ..... go to narrative history of Saxony 1694-1740 . 1740-1789

1700-1706 Great Northern War, Part I

1709-1721 Great Northern War, Part II

1733-1735 War of Polish Succession

1741-1742 First Silesian War

1744-1745 Second Silesian War

1756 Prussian preemptive strike against Saxony

1760-1763 Seven Years War, Saxony being a belligerent only in the later part of the war

1778-1779 War of Bavarian Succession

1789-1815 ..... go to narrative history of Saxony 1789-1815 .

1790, August, Saxon Peasants Revolt

1792-1797 First War of the Coalition, Saxony participating since Dec. 1792

1805-1806 Second War of the Coalition, Saxony alongside Prussians fighting the French

1807 Third War of the Coalition, Saxon Troops alongside French fighting Prussians and Russians

1809 French War against Austria, Saxon troops fighting alongside French; Schill's band briefly occupies Zittau in Saxony

1812 Napoleon's Russia Campaign, Saxon troops fighting alongside French

1813 Campaign, Saxon troops fighting alongside French; significant numbers switch side; Saxon Volunteer Regiment fights with allies

1815 May, Revolt of Saxon Volunteer Regiment at Liege

1815-1870 ..... go to narrative history of Saxony 1815-1830 . 1830-1849 . 1849-1870

1849 May 3-9 rebellion in Dresden suppressed by Saxon and Prussian troops

1849 German Expedition against Denmark to come to aid of Schleswig-Holstein rebels; expeditionary force, Saxon regiments forming part of, did not see action as the conflict was solved diplomatically.

1864 German-Danish War with participation of a Saxon Troops Contingent

1866 Seven Weeks War Prussia declared War on Saxony, occupied country June 15th; Saxon Army joined Austrian Forces, suffered defeat at Sadowa/Königgrätz July 3rd.

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