Jambi Rebellion 1901-1906

A.) The Situation Preceding the Rebellion

The administration of the Dutch East Indies regarded the Sultanate of Jambi as a vassall state. In 1899 the Dutch pressured the Sultan of Jambi to abdicate; yet they failed to appoint a successor.

B.) The Cource of Events

In 1901 the Dutch resident of Palembang was charged with the administration of Jambi (among other areas). Under the leadership of former Taha Safiuddin bin Muhammad, Sultan from 1855 to 1858, Jambi rebelled. A Dutch batallion was dispatched into Jambi, to establish Dutch control.
Taha was assassinated in 1904; guerilla resistance continued under his successor Winto. The rebels surrendered in 1906.

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DOCUMENTS Flags of Jambi, by Roberto Breschi, comment in Italian
Rulers of Jambi, from World Statesmen, scroll down

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