Wars of the 18th Century
Wars of the 19th Century

Wars of the Era of the French Revolution and Napoleon Bonaparte, 1789-1815

European Rebellions

The Brabant Revolution
The Vendee Insurrection
1793-1794 (1796)
The Polish Insurrection
of 1794
The Flemish Peasants' War
The Luxemburg Peasants' War
The Irish Rebellion
of 1798
Nidwalden 1798 The Swiss Rebellion
of 1802
E : Popular War
The Tyrol Rebellion 1809
Free Corps Schill 1809 Duke of Braunschweig 1809

European Wars

First War of the Coalition, 1792-1797 Second War of the Coalition, 1799-1801 Spanish-Portuguese War, 1801 Third War of the Coalition, 1805 Portuguese War, 1807-1808
Russo-Swedish War
E : Popular War
Franco-Russian War

Colonial Wars

The War Zone, from simonides.org, a chronological listing of wars (of World History) linked to encyclopedic descriptions, further links etc.
DOCUMENTS Documents on Military History, from Hillsdale College, many entries for the 18th century
Documents of Diplomatic History, from Mt. Holyoke College, huge file; scroll down to 18th century, many documents on wars. WATCH OUT : Not all documents linked here are primary documents !
Napoleonic Era Literature - excerpts of literary texts associated with historical events, from Gaslight, posted by Patricia Teter

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