The Portuguese War 1807-1808

A.) The Pre-History of the War

Portugal, by neglecting to strictly implement the Continental System, angered Napoleon Bonaparte. In 1807, Spain and Portugal signed the secret Treaty of Fontainebleau, in which they agreed on partitioning Portugal into a Duchy for the Duke of Godoy, a Kingdom for the Spanish Bourbon sideline that held Etruria and a part to be annexed into Spain; Etruria was to be annexed by France.

B.) The War

The Campaign against Portugal began on October 12th 1807. King John IV. boarded a British ship and went to Brazil. Brazilian troops occupied French Guiana and attacked the Spanish in Uruguay. On October 27th, France and Portugal signed a secret treaty; Lisbon was taken by Junot October 30th. .
On July 31st, a British force landed at Lisbon; on August 30th, Junot surrendered at Cintra.

B.) The Legacy

With the enforced abdication of Spanish King Ferdinand VII. in 1808, him being succeeded by Napoleon's brother Joseph, the Popular War began in Spain, and with Spain becoming the theatre of war, Portugal, in her shadow, was free.

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