Wars of the Holy Roman Empire Wars of Sweden
History of Sweden
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For links on general military history sources, go to History of Warfare Main Page

Danish Military History, site posted by Gert Laursen
Wars of Denmark 1800-1999, from ACED
Denmark entries in the Military History Encyclopedia on the Web
Danmarks Historie, from Europas Stormagter Historie og Krige by Søren Kretzschmer, in Danish
The Scanian Wars, an Untold Story, from Stiftelsen Skånsk Framtid a local patriotic site; extensive list 1276-1811
Northern Wars, 1648-1730 by D. Schorr
Royal Danish Naval Museum; English menue
Historiske Slag (Historic Battles), Danish language online encyclopedia of battles, Danish and foreign
Danish Naval History
Et strejftog gennem Kongens Artilleriregiments Historie (A stroll through the History of the Royal Artillery Regiment), posted by KAR, in Danish
European Armies: 1660-1861, from ESFDB, mainly on Danish-Norwegian and Dutch armies; files on size & costs
Oorlogen van Denemarken (Wars of Denmark), from oorlog.klup.nl, telegram style Dutch language data plus links; limited number of wars listed
Bibliography of mostly Danish language books on the War of 1864, on Danish military history, from Historiecentrens Butik
Skanserne på Røsnæs (defensive positions at R.), 1808, from Historien i Landskabet (in Vestsjælland), in Danish
Battles in and around Denmark or with Danish participation, from British Battles; Historie, from HSGS, in Danish, on barracks in N. Schleswig
Printed Reference

1523-1618 ..... go to narrative history of Denmark 1525-1660

1500, Invasion of Dithmarschen
1521-1523, Swedish War of Liberation
1523-1525, Søren Norby's holdout on Gotland and Invasion of Scania
1534-1536, Conflict over Danish Throne
1542-1544 Danish-Dutch War
1559 Conquest of Dithmarschen
1563-1570, Swedish-Danish War
. see also 1558-1582 Livonian War
1611-1613 Swedish-Danish War

1618-1721 ..... go to narrative history of Denmark 1525-1660 . 1660-1790

1618-1648 30 Years' War, Denmark belligerent since 1625-1629
1643-1645 Swedish-Danish War
1655-1660 First Northern War, Denmark belligerent since 1657
1675-1679 Swedish-Brandenburgian War
1684-1689 Danish Occupation of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorf
1686 Danish Siege of Hamburg
1693 Lauenburg Conflict of Succession
1697 Danish Invasion of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorf
1700-1721 Great Northern War
1701-1713 War of Spanish Succession
A Danish contingent fought alongside the Austrians 1704-1709.

1721-1815 ..... go to narrative history of Denmark 1660-1790 . 1790-1814

1726-1727 East Frisia, War between Prince and Estates ("Appellkrieg")
1801 Danish Occupation of Hamburg and Lübeck
1801 British assault on Danish Fleet
1801-1802 Danish West Indies under British Occupation
1807 British Assault on Copenhagen
1807-1815 Danish West Indies under British Occupation
1809 Danish Iceland : Coup by Jørgen Jørgensen

since 1815 ..... go to narrative history of Denmark 1815-1864 . 1864-1914 . 1914-1918 . 1918-1920 . 1920-1939 . 1939-1945 . 1945-1949 . 1949-1969 . 1969-1990

1848-1850 First Schleswig War

1864 German-Danish War
1918-1920 Estonian War of Independence; Danish auxiliary corps participated
1931-1933 Norwegian Invasion of Eastern Greenland
1940-1945 World War II; German Occupation (Faroes, Greenland, Iceland : Anglo-American Occupation)

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