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The Many Swedish Wars, by Hans Högman
Swedish Wars, from Wikipedia; links as of May 31st 2003 lead mostly to blank pages
Wars of Sweden 1800-1999, from ACED
Svenska Krig, from Svenskt Militärhistoriskt Bibliotek, in Swedish, covers period 1050-1850, most wars commented
Sveriges Historie, from Europas Stormagter Historie og Krige by Søren Kretzschmer, in Danish
Sweden entries in the Military History Encyclopedia on the Web
The Scanian Wars, an Untold Story, from Stiftelsen Skånsk Framtid a local patriotic site; extensive list 1276-1811
Magnus Olofsson, The Swedish Army in the Napoleonic Wars, posted by Histofig
Battles from Swedish History
Unofficial Royal Swedish Army Page posted by Svante Wendel; on uniforms
Uniforms of the Swedish Guard Infantry 1813-1814, by Robert Burnham, posted by Napoleon Series
Northern Wars, 1648-1730 by D. Schorr
Medals of Sweden, posted by Will Shade
Swedish Orders, Decorations and Medals, from Orders, Decorations and Medals
List of Swedish Wars, from Nebula Search
RA Stockholm, Krigsarkivet (War Archive), Swedish/English language site
Printed Reference

Werner Buchholz, Pommern. Deutsche Geschichte im Osten Europas, Berlin : Siedler 1999

1434-1437, Engelbrektsson's Revolt, Sweden 1434-1437

1523-1611 ..... go to narrative history of Sweden Sweden 1523-1560 . Sweden 1569-1611

1521-1523, Swedish War of Liberation
1534-1536, Conflict over Danish Throne
1554-1557 Swedish-Russian War
1563-1570, Swedish-Danish War . see also 1558-1582 Livonian War
1570-1595, Russo-Swedish War
1600-1611, Swedish-Polish War

1611-1718 ..... go to narrative history of Sweden Sweden 1611-1654 . Sweden 1654-1680 . Sweden 1680-1718

1611-1613 Swedish-Danish War
1611-1617 Russo-Swedish War
1620-1629 Swedish-Polish War
1630-1648 30 Years' War, Sweden belligerent since 1630
1635 Swedish-Polish War
1643-1645 Swedish-Danish War
1653-1654 First Swedish War on Bremen
1655-1659 Colonial War; Dutch W.I.C. takes over New Sweden, Swedish outposts on Gold Coast
1655-1660 First Northern War
1663-1664 Imperial War on the Ottoman Empire contingents from (Swedish) Pomerania and (Swedish) Bremen-Verden participating
1666 Second Swedish War on Bremen
1675-1679 Swedish-Brandenburgian War
1683-1699 Imperial War on the Ottoman Empire contingents from (Swedish) Pomerania and (Swedish) Bremen-Verden participating
1689-1697 War of the Grand Alliance ; Sweden sent an auxiliary Corps 1690 to support the Allies
1700-1721 Great Northern War

1718-1815 ..... go to narrative history of Sweden Sweden, 1718-1772 . Sweden 1772-1792 . Sweden 1792-1809 . Sweden 1809-1840

1734-1735 War of Polish Succession (Imperial War on France) contingent from Swedish Pomerania participating
1741-1743 Russo-Swedish War
1756-1763 Seven Years War (Sweden concluding peace in 1762)
1788-1790 Russo-Swedish War
1792-1797 Second War of the Coalition Imperial War on France; Swedish Pomerania paying its share in contributions
1805-1807 Third War of the Coalition
1808-1809 Russo-Swedish War
1810-1812 Swedish-British War
1812-1813 Second Swedish war against France (War of Liberation)
1814 Swedish Campaign in Norway

since 1815 ..... go to narrative history of Sweden Sweden, 1809-1840 . Sweden, 1840-1864 . Sweden, 1864-1890 . Sweden, 1890-1914 . Sweden, 1914-1918 . Sweden, 1918-1929 . Sweden, 1929-1939 . Sweden, 1939-1945 . Sweden, 1945-1949 . Sweden, 1949-1969 . Sweden, 1969-1990 .

1848-1850 First Schleswig War
1917-1918 Finnish Civil War; a Swedish Volunteer Regiment participated on the side of the Whites

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