Mid 19th Century, 1849-1880


In 1819 the German student Karl Sand assassinated Russian diplomat August von Kotzebue. The event provided the excuse for Metternich and his colleagues in Russia and Austria to implement the Carlsbad Decrees. In 1820, dauphin of France, Charles Ferdinand, Duc de Berry, was assassinated.
In 1835, an assassination attempt was made on the life of Citizen King Louis Philippe of France. While the king escaped with his life, the bomb killed 12 persons, among them Edouard Adolphe Casimir Joseph Mortier, Duc de Treviso, French minister of war and president of the Council of Ministers.

Biography of Karl Ludwig Sand, from Fichtelgebirgsmuseum Wunsiedel, in German
Biography of August von Kotzebue, from Wikipedia
Biography of Charles Ferdinand, Duc de Berry, from Columbia Encyclopedia
Biography of E.A.C.J. Mortier, from EB 1911

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