World War I
Last revised on July 15th 2001

Issues, Institutions, Developments

Women's Right to Vote 8-hour Workday League of Nations International Relations
The Colonies

The Interwar Years : By Period

Post-War Crisis Golden Twenties Great Depression Economic Recovery Appeasement

Interwar Years : By Country : Western Democracies
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Britain USA France Netherlands Belgium Switzerland
Norway Sweden Denmark Finland Czechoslovakia Ireland

Interwar Years : By Country : Democracies turned Dictatorships

Italy Poland Hungary Germany Austria Estonia
Latvia Lithuania Spain Portugal SHS / Yugoslavia Bulgaria
Greece Rumania

Constitutional Experiments

Parliamentary Democracy Reinvented Soviet Russia The Fascist State Royal Dictatorships
Democracies Ruled by Decree The NS State Popular Front Governments

The Interwar Years Elsewhere

North America Caribbean Central America South America Western Africa Southern Africa
Eastern Africa Northern Africa Central Asia Greater India Southeast Asia Oceania
China Korea

DOCUMENTS Documents of the Interwar Period, posted by Vincent Ferraro, Mt. Holyoke